Liz Springer - Vocals, Management, Cat Herder

Before she found the blues (or rather it found her), Liz grew up singing along to the great women of rock. Over late night drinks at local watering holes thinking out loud with friends, she sketched out her idea of what a fun, rock project would be like. Sweet Medicine Band is the result. ROCK & ROLL FOR YOUR SOUL! Music is what soothes Liz's soul, and The Sweet Medicine Band was designed to deliver songs (that sweet medicine) that will take you back in time, allow you to reminisce for a while, and forget your troubles for the night. 

Eric Nelson - Drums, Vocals, Buddha-like giver of sage advice

Eric is a veteran of the local music scene (who doesn't know Eric?). He and Liz have been talking about doing a rock project together for a few years. It finally happened, and The Sweet Medicine Band is the result. In addition to his rockin' beats, Eric brings his booking expertise, sage advice, and T-Shirt distribution services to The Sweet Medicine Band. 

Tom Oelschlaeger - Guitar & Vocals

Tom and Liz played together in Built 4 Comfort, and she knew right away that he was THE man for lead guitar in The Sweet Medicine Band. Tom also brings a great rock voice to the band, and is one of the hardest-working musicians around. He learns songs lick for lick, and he will astound you with his speed and accuracy on the fret board. Plus he is a rock - nothing phases him for which Liz is extremely grateful. Every band should have a TOM O on board. 

Steve Kerschenbaum - Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Steve is just about a one-man band with his multi-instrumental expertise. We were truly lucky when we found him - he continues to contribute more and more to the band at every show (seriously - we expect him to learn another instrument any day now!).
We sure are glad he joined forces with us.

Barnaby Bristol - Bass & Vocals

He may be new to the bass, but Barnaby is a veteran of the local music scene and a virtuoso of music. You've probably seen him around town playing some great keyboards with various bands. Cheer him on as he masters another instrument! 

Scott Gallo - Soundman Extraordinaire 

Last listed here but NEVER least, Scott is the brains behind our sound. He makes up for our lack of talent, and holds the record in PA set up time in any of the local venues. He is super nice to work with, and we are not sure what we would do without him. He doesn't look like this but we are still trying to capture a photo of this behind-the-scenes mastermind.